4+4 steps to migrate your live space blog to WordPress

I hope you all may know that Microsoft windows live migrated their blogging platform to WordPress,world’s most reputed blogging platform.With this post I would like to help those live space users in their WordPress migration.Microsoft given six months of time for migration but you can do it right now.

Step 1: Log in to your windows live space

Step 2: Click on upgrade my blog to WordPress

Step 3: Click on continue button on confirmation page.Now a four step process window will be opened.

Live space to WordPress migration

Step 4: Create a wordpress.com ID for 5 minute migration .If you have a wordpress.com account already then you can login directly from the left side.

live space content

Step5:Now lets create your new  WordPress blog or import to your old one.All your live space content will be automatically added.

Step 6:Use a name to your domain like suhanesh.wordpress.com and select a blog title.

Step 7:select language  and privacy to be public.This make your blog index in search engines.

Step 8: Now click on create blog.You are done it.Now all your live space content will be imported to your WordPress blog.



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