Bring Hackers to their Knees By Securing Your Blog: 3 Simple Tips

It’s always a very painful experience when your blog gets hacked. You might not know how this feels if your blog or website had never been hacked before. I know how much a blogger can lose when his blog gets hacked. How would you have felt if your blog was hacked? What would you do in a situation like that? You’d want to get the hackers to their knees? I bet you can only do this by making sure you spare no effort in securing your blog against them.

Do you know you can make your blog heavily secured that hackers would find it a tough feat to get your blog hacked. For my blog that features weight watchers discounts and diet to go coupons, I give whatever it takes to make sure it is secure. I may not care at what length it takes me. But below are the easiest and best ways to protect your blog against hacking.

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Protect your computer

In my long research on how to protect a blog, I’ve seen many experts give advice’s on what to do and what to avoid doing but I’ve find out that none of them have failed to warn against protecting your computer.

You might be wondering what special way could you protect your computer other than you’ve been doing. When last have you scanned your computer for viruses and spywares? Which day did you remember updating your antivirus program? Do you really have an antivirus on your computer? What type of files are you downloading into your system?

I guess the questions above can keep you on track concerning what protecting your computer means.

Use Strong and Secure Login Details

You might give little attention and concentration to some things when your blog is concerned, but you must not do that when it comes to the type of login details you use for your blog. A recent research was made sometimes ago which resulted in 25 passwords you should not use. You must have seen a post on it on the internet.

Avoid using login details that are too familiar and generic in nature. Using login details that are too simplistic in nature will allow your blog to be hacked just by launching brute force attack on your blog.

Using passwords with combination of numbers and symbols is a great way to strengthen your blog’s security.

Use Captcha

One other way hackers attempt to hack blogs on the internet is through the use of automated software and programs. In other to curb these software and programs, you should install a Captcha on your blog. There are several plugins for WordPress that could be installed on a WordPress blog to get a Captcha to appear on your blog’s login page.

Captcha would not guarantee that your blog is not going to be hacked, but it is also a great way to reduce the likelihood of it getting hacked. You should make sure your password is a very strong one that has the combination of numbers and symbols as I said above.

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