Discover popular facebook pages in a new way

Now you can discover popular pages in facebook via new browser option. This new page discovery option display’s popular pages icons in your region Interestingly Facebook will show only the popular pages among your friends network .When you move mouse over any of these page icons you will get a like button by clicking it you can easily subscribe to the selected page.

Facebook page browser

Presently you have to go to the address ,in order to view this new page browser option in facebook.

like button

There is a friends similar to you box on the right side of page browser, it will display which friends you share most mutual likes. It can be expanded up to 25 recent similar friends. The tab option in page browser window will help you sort popular pages from different categories like music, sports, celebrities, movies and many more.

More over you can view popular pages in any country by just selecting the appropriate country option in the top right side of your page browser window. I think facebook will integrate this option soon  anywhere in user profile page.


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