Google TV got new home

Finally Google Tv got their own website.Google Tv will revolutionise our TV viewing experience by bringing the web to our living room. So what is Google Tv all about ? In Google Words Google TV=Television meet search engine. It’s looks like Google will launch some Google Tv devices next week.

Google Tv have wide variety of applications in build,more over you can  search the web for any content.Just type what you are looking for and Google Tv will locate and show this in your television set.It  will be the  next revolutionary product.


The hardware is expected to be made by Logitech and Sony.Logitech will make the set-top-box and Sony will make the television set.The set-top-box will be connected to your television just like normal DVD player.You can use your android phone or I phone as your remote control for Google TV even you can use multiple cellphones.You can go through official Google TV website for more details.

Google tv will be free once you purchase the hardware but if you want to access some additional applications and services you need to pay for those services.Expect a new era of TV viewing from Google.


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