How to Activate or Enable Facebook Timeline ?

We all are expecting something new from Facebook today during the F8 developer conference atsan Franciscoand as expected Facebook today announced ton’s of features including new Facebook profile named Facebook timeline. Presently the timeline feature will only available to developers and normal users have to wait for weeks to experience the new Facebook Timeline profile. Can’t wait! Don’t worry we will let you enable the Facebook timeline profile on your account right now. Just follow our steps carefully and with in no time you will be on your new Facebook timeline profile.

Please note that, for enabling developer mode you need a verified Facebook profile.You can verify your facebook account using your mobile number.

Step 1: Log in to your Facebook account

Step 2: Now you need to enable the developer mode. You can do this by visiting the Application developer page.


Step 3: Enter your Facebook Password in the above page and click on continue button and now you need to give access permission for application. To do this click on the Allow button.


Step 4: Once finished Facebook developer page will be opened. Click on Create new application.


Step 5: Now give any name for your Facebook application. Type it on the interface and click on submit button. One security box will pop up now. Type the security code carefully and click submit button again.


Step 6: Now you will be on the new application main settings page and you will see your application name on top of the page. Look for “get started with Open Graph link” and click to open that link.


Step7: Type any test action for your application, any words in the column eg: test, movie and click on Get started Green button.


Step 8: Now you will be on the configuration page. Now go through all the three configuration pages by clicking “save changes and next” button .If you want you can change the configuration values on all these pages, you can do it.Oce done click “save and exit”.

Step 9: Wait for 2 to 3 minutes and go for Facebook home page and you will see an invitation for Facebook timeline.


You are done it. New Facebook time line will be available to you now click on the publish button to experience it.

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