How To Create A Facebook Page

Facebook pages will help you brand your presence in social media. Pages are for celebrities, organizations, businesses, and bands to broadcast great information in an official, public manner to people who choose to connect with them. Pages can be enhanced with applications to help to communicate with their audience also it will attract new audience. You can create a facebook page by going through the easy steps.

Facebook pages also got lot of respect from search engines like Google ,Yahoo and Bing.Most of the big brands already started taking their Facebook pages seriously,few of them hired highly qualified persons to manage their Facebook page on daily basis.Facebook almost near to 1000 million users worldwide and it become one of the new continent considering the population.

Step1: Go to Facebook page creation link.


Step2 : Login to your facebook account.

Step3 : Tell facebook what kind of page you want to create ? For this select anyone from the six basic categories. Once you selected any basic category Choose your Company, Organization, Institution, Local Business, Place, Artist, Band, Public Figure, Cause or Community, Brand or Product, Entertainment and accept the facebook terms and conditions.

Step4 : Now click on get started to create your page.


Your brand new page now just created and you can edit the information and suggest to your friends and colleagues, upload your page status messages, photos, video’s, link, ask questions and many more.

Once you created your Facebook page the very next step is to upload a good looking profile picture for your page and suggest your brand new page to your own Facebook friends or you can tell to your fans to like your page by clicking on the import contact feature.

Recently Facebook made big changes to their pages. The main change include the  new Facebook Timeline feature for pages.It already rolled out for all existing Facebook pages and the suggest to friends tab now restricted to only administrators.Suggest to friends tab was used massively to get new subscribers for Facebook pages and recently Facebook found few clever people utilizing that option to make some big money.

If you have any queries regarding the creation of a new Facebook page  please let me know in our comments section.


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