Your Internet browser is secure or not ?

As you know Browser is the program that lets you surf the internet. When you access a website address on your web browser means you are accessing a web server in a remote location, Some times the web browser need support from other software’s installed on your pc to display the different types of data on web servers. The most popular browsers include Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Why internet Browser’s security test needed?

Most of the bugs on internet browser’s can be annoying and can be exploited to violate the security of your PC.Websites around the world can send some data that can exploit bugs in your browser. A hacker or a computer genius can exploit all kind of web browser using any special codes added in to any particular website. Once he breaked into your browser, he can easily access your mail applications that use browser’s to display messages.

Many security mistakes may be happen in your browser that can help the remote attacker to easily control over your machine. so be secure before it can hurt you .All you need is a periodic check of your web browser security and update to the latest version of the browser. Some of the web browser’s including Google Chrome proving automatic update option to their users.

Use to check your browser security issues.

Scanit is an IT security company; it assists in the testing and auditing of security systems and controls.Check your browser security by visiting patient while you click on start the test. Make sure all other browser windows are closed. If any vulnerability detected during the test your browser will crash then just restart the browser and come back to the security test page .It will show you which vulnerability crashed on your browser. If there is no vulnerability detected you will get a successful message.

browser security test

Read the FAQ page if you are not familiar with all the things. Try it at your own risk.


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