10 Excellent Cloud Storage Options Apart From Google Drive

Cloud Storage is totally the future of storage; it is what all of us are heading towards. No longer do we have to rely on the physical storage capacity of our external or internal devices, nor do we have to keep our data at the mercy of fate, in machines that can be destroyed very easily. The much safer and easier route, being opted for by more and more people, is cloud storage, i.e., storing your information in storage banks in the internet. Not only is it safer and less expensive than buying a hard drive, it also lets you access your data from wherever you are around the globe, provided you have access to the net.

Cloud Storage

Google’s cloud storage facility, known as Google Drive, was announced a few days ago. Google Drive has been received with much fanfare by a lot of people, but others are not so enthusiastic. A lot of people do not trust Google enough to surrender all of their information to it. Moreover it is pretty complicated; you have to create an account with Google and have it validated.

So, if you are looking for a simple way to store your data in cloud storage without using Google Drive, here are 10 great websites that offer you cloud storage solutions:

1. DropBox

The storage space offered by DropBox is pretty limited in size initially, with a 2 GB capacity, but you can increase it as you keep using DropBox, as you get bonus storage every time a friend joins and installs DropBox acting upon your invitation.


2. Sugar Sync

With a 500 GB storage space, Sugar Sync lets you store almost anything you could require. This service also offers you excellent control over data syncing, not keeping your syncing limited to the systems folder.

3. Box

Businesses have very distinct cloud requirements from individuals and non business groups. The Box service, available exclusively for business, is a sophisticated tool to share data via cloud with your clients or your employees.


4. Cubby

Cubby offers you free storage for up to 5 GB. It does away with the mediation of the cloud, and lets you share your files directly through a folder in your computer, that is kept in sync.

5. Wuala

Wuala’s best feature is not its user friendliness. In fact it is often a cumbersome tool in personal environments, but what makes Wuala still worthwhile is the awesome security feature. If you have stored a file in Wuala, not even the government can access it without your permission.


6. Microsoft Skydrive

Skydrive is out of bounds for you if you use an Android device, and you shouldn’t go for it if you use cloud facilities from your phone. But if you use MS Office on a PC, then Skydrive, with 7 GB storage space, is simply the best you can dream of.

7. Mozy Stash

It is not that great a tool for operating and data sharing, but as far as taking backup is concerned, Mozy Stash is simply the best cloud service you can get.

Mozy Stash

8. You SEND It

One of the reasons people use cloud facilities is that they need to send heavy files to other systems, and such files exceed the size limitation placed on mails. You SEND It lets you share files up to 40 times the maximum size allowed on emails.

9. Apple iCloud

If you use a Mac computer, or an iPad or an iPhone, Apple iCloud is an excellent you to store music, movies, and media. iCloud also offers you 5GB of free space.

10. ADrive

ADrive lets you share up to 16 GB of data in your folders. It is quite user friendly and lets you manage your shared files efficiently, and even mark expiry dates on them.


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