10 Really Good Free Online Virus Scans And Removal Sites

Most of us feel that the safety of our computers and other devices that we connect to the internet lies in the quality of antivirus software that we have downloaded. We cannot imagine linking up our device to the net without having a very strong or well reputed antivirus in place. Many of us are not even aware that there are other options for keeping our computers free from virus.

As a matter of fact, downloading an antivirus software has its own negative consequences. These softwares are heavy and tend to make your PC slow. Besides, they clamor for constant updating, flooding you with messages and pop ups that interrupt your work or even restart your device abruptly. Moreover, many of these softwares come with their own secret package of malware that can contaminate your system.

You may have hoped that the antivirus you are downloading is as free as it promises to be, but the fact is that, the software will either be free for a limited time and demand that you make payments eventually, or only a portion of the software may be available to you free of cost, the more useful and advanced features being chargeable.

An alternative to downloading antivirus softwares is to make use of sites that can scan your system online and remove any detected malware. Most of these sites offer their services free of cost, and they do not have the disadvantages we discussed about antivirus softwares. We have compiled for you a list of ten free online virus scans, which will diminish your worry about keeping your system safe from infection.

1. VirusTotal

VirusTotal is a light online service that sorts through your files and URLs to find suspicious ones. VirusTotal is quick and efficient in locating Trojans, worms and other types of viruses from among the file files it has been asked to scan.

2. Kaspersky Virus Scanner

The Kaspersky virus scanner and removal tool should be used in conjugation with a resident antivirus application, as advised by the service providers themselves. This service is designed to remove all sorts of contamination from your computer by use of detection algorithms. This service is a good option when you cannot or do not want to boot the operating system.

3. BitDefender QuickScan

Dangerous and malignant softwares in your system are detected by the BitDefender QuickScan in the blinking of an eye, by use of “in the cloud” technology for scanning. This service does not need lengthy virus signature updates, and in fact uses far less resources as compared to other virus scans, because the process of detecting virus is carried out by remote servers.

4. Symantec Security Check

You may think that your computer is really well protected, but how can you be sure that the multiple layer antivirus softwares that you have installed are actually giving you the protection you require? Internet malware is an ever evolving menace, and what was a strong wall of protection yesterday may only be a flimsy fence today. The Symantec Security Check looks into your system to tell you how exposed you are to an infection.

5. Jotti’s Malware Scan

No software or online service can give you 100% guarantee of detection, but Jotti’s Malware Scan comes pretty close, because it uses a large number of antivirus engines. Jotti’s Scan uses Linux version scanners.

6. ESET Online Scanner

This online scanner is extremely reliable as it uses the same technology as the ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus software. Apart from being free, this service has an extremely simely user interface.

7. VirScan

VirScan is a very easy to use free online scanning service in which you are simply required to upload any file regading which you may have some doubt. The Scanner will scrutinize the file and give you an exact report about how harmful that particular file is for your computer.

8. Panda Security

Panda Securities is among those scanning sites that are most updated about recent threats lurking in the internet. Since it is based on collective intelligence, i.e. “in the cloud scanning”, it has a markedly higher rate of detection of viruses.

9. Filterbit

Filterbit Beta, powered by Metascan Antivirus SDK, is a very excellent choice for people who need to have their computer or specific files checked for infection. It is very effiecient in detecting Trojans, worms, and viruses hiding in your files.

10. No Virus Thanks

The No Virus Thanks Website has a graphical interface which lets users simply drag the file they need scanned onto the window. The multiple engine scanner comes back with a precise note about the analysis of the safe file, and declares whether it is or is not safe.

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