10 Steps To Protect Your iPhone From Theft

Exercise is good for health but can be bad for your pocket. No I am not talking about the hefty amount you pay to your fitness instructor in the Gym; instead I am talking about the dollars you invest in your electronics gadgets and they get stolen at the most common places like Gym when you just can’t keep your gadgets in your hands or pocket. That can be a smartphone, tablet, iPad anything. I have an iPhone.

Protect Your iPhone

For all of you who have one or planning to buy, it is not only a smartphone; it is the journal for your life, storing your contacts, schedules, photographs, office data etc. Of course you don’t want anybody to breach your privacy, and you very well understand how it would feel if some half-wit steels it. So, here are few steps which would help you to avoid any chances of stealing, take a look and save yourself by acting smart as soon as you have an iPhone in your hands.

Step 1: Avoid unwanted attention at public places

This one is basic but important. You are listening to music on your iPhone but instead of soothing your soul you may attract criminals by diverting their minds to your phone. So keep the volume low when you are in public places. Avoid using colourful accessories.

Step 2: Use passcode lock

The first step which can be taken to secure your iPhone electronically is, setting a passcode for your device. Passcode is a 4 digit code which you will need every time you need to access your iPhone (except when answering a call). In order to set a passcode tap Settings -> General -> Passcode Lock. Simple passcodes are four digits long which can be made alphanumeric.

Step 3: Set Auto-lock after 1 minute

This feature will prevent your data from becoming vulnerable to a stranger when you leave your phone unattended. Enable Settings -> General ->Autolock option.

Step 4: Get all timely security updates

All gadgets you use are man-made and prone to bugs and hacking. Keeping your security software updated will save your data from many malicious attackers in both the cases i.e. when you have your iPhone with you or stolen. Bug fixing will be another advantage.

Step 5:  Enable SIM PIN

Some provider provides SIM cards with a default SIM PIN which is already enabled. Contact your provider to find out your SIM PIN code. And in case it is not enabled then enable it by, Settings ->Phone -> SIM PIN -> ON. It will prevent someone from removing your SIM card and misusing it in some other phone.

Step 6: Choose option – Erase data after 10 failed passcode attempts

This is a tricky one. Choosing this option by Setting ->General-> Password Lock will erase all your data from your iPhone, after 10 unsuccessful passcode attempts. There are two potential issues if you opt for this. Firstly, anyone can erase everything by entering incorrect passcode for 10 times. Secondly, it would be difficult to locate your device once stolen. Hence it is purely your choice to exploit this option or not.

Step 7: Use iPhone configuration utility for advanced security

Apple provides iPhone Configuration Utility (mac/Windows) for free which is meant for high security requirements. You can have longer passcode, fewer numbers of attempts before complete data wipe from your iPhone. This utility takes care of many technical security details like encryption, logging etc. for you. Generally used by Enterprise users to configure company phones, but if you are interested in advanced security for iPhone then this might help.

Step 8: Note serial number and IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) number

These are printed on SIM tray or you can find these on the original packing of your iPhone. Storing these unique numbers will help you trace your phone in case it gets stolen.

Step 9: Use locator application

Application like iCloud is available which help you instantly to block, trace and recover your iPhone easily. Know more about iCloud account here, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4436.

Step 10: Insure your iPhone

Of course this is the last thing which comes to our mind. But prevention is always better than cure. So investing few in insurance will save hundreds of your dollar and priceless worries.

Apart from these steps, follow the basic security rules like, keep your iPhone at secure places/locked when not using. Keep yourself aware and alerted of your surroundings. Act smart, save yourself.

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