25 Creative And Most Beautiful Free Tumblr Themes

Tumblr, one of the new generation micro blogging platform,where you can post text, images, videos,links from your web browsers and smartphones.Tumblr become so popular with in short period compared to it’s competitor such as wordpress and joomla.Presently more than 69 million blogs got powered by tumblr.

Tumblr got lot of free themes for further customization of your world and today we picked the 25 creative and most beautiful free tumblr themes to ramp up your Tumblring.


Postage is one of my favorite tumblr theme,it coming with simple ,clean look and already installed by more than 110141 tumblr users.


2.Royal Ribbon

It’s another most attractive tumblr theme and favourite of more than 224983 tumblers.

Royal_Ribbon_tumblr theme


stationery is one of the most widely installed theme for tumblr.It got more than 411533 installations and got a white space around,that gives more attraction to the content.


4.Royal Cameleon

Royal Cameleon tumblr theme is one of my second favorite.Few of my blogs still using this awesome tumblr theme.presently 254832 tumblr blogs got powered by this awesome theme.

Royal Cameleon


imperial tumblr theme comes with a left sidebar and simple look.Already a favourite of 5157 tumblers.



Simplify is one of the simple and cool theme for tumblr,Got powered with three footer widget options.Presently a favourite of 72081 tumblers.


7.Effector Theme

Effector theme for tumblr is another widely installed theme for tumblr and it is favorite of more than 162202 tumblrs.Effector theme for tumblr  coming with different color options and awesome customization support.


8.Dark Things

If you love dark appearance then this tumblr theme is for you.Presently more than 3674 tumblr blogs got powered by this awesome dark theme.


9.Hobo v2.0

This is the second version of favourite Hobo theme for tumblr.Hobo v2.0 coming with infinite scroll,custom colors ,custom pages and many more awesome features.

Hobo v2.0

10.Button Theme

Another beautiful theme for your tumblr blog.Button theme presently got powered by more than 57,888 tumblr blogs.



Organ theme for tumblr is the perfect choice if you want to feature your all your posts.Presently a favourite of 279518 tumblr users.


12.Natural Elegance

If you are looking for elegant tumblr theme, it is the perfect choice for you.Coming with dark appearance around and content in white color making it one of the most beautiful theme for tumblr.

Natural Elegance

13.Chalkdust v.2.0

If you like creativity,this theme is for you.Awesome and stylish tumblr theme for those who want things simple.

Chalkdust v.2.0

14.Ancient Page

Another good looking theme for tumblr,Ancient page tumblr theme coming with a right sidebar option and presently a favourite of more than 2500 tumblers.

Ancient Page


The name is famous because of the default theme in wordpress,but this tumblr theme got lot of white space around and more than 5000 tumblr blogs presently powered up by this theme.



Simple theme for tumblr and perfect for those who don’t like any sidebar on their blog.Presently more than 10,000 tumblr blogs got backed with this theme.


17.Luxury Notes

This is  perfect theme for your tumblr notes.Presently powering up more than 2000 blogs .



Another simple theme for tumblr that got powered with optional infinite scrolling.Canvas tumblr theme is a favourite of more than 16600 users.



Photoboard tumblr theme is another grid portfolio theme. Photoboard theme background looks like a corkboard, and the images will appear in a large big frame.



This theme is perfect for video blogging,You can  share videos on your blog also it can be easily used as an art portfolio.



If you are looking for a unique design then this tumblr theme is for you.Another advantage of this theme is easy navigation.



TumbleDesk is another awesome tumblr theme.

Tumble Desk


Lightweight is one of the minimalist, dark gray and white powered tumblr theme.It got only one -column and includes round icons for each post type .Presently more than 177975 tumblr blogs got powered by this awesome theme.



One of the beautiful tumblr theme that got addition of flickr and twitter streams in the right column.



Another simple,black and white theme for tumblr blogs.It got very formal and traditional look.


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