5 Best System Cleaners For Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise

What you will do if you want to clean up your Ubuntu operating system ? Me too asked this myself when I started using Ubuntu Linux operating system.If you are using windows operating system you may be seen lot of clean up utilities such as Ccleaner,System Cleaner,PC optimizer.When it comes to Ubuntu,the system cleaners are limited but the few tools available are much powerful than any windows cleaners.Check out the best system cleaners for Ubuntu linux operating system.


Bleachbit is one of my favorite tool for Ubuntu and it will help you free up your disk space and as well as guard your privacy. Bleachbit will remove caches, delete cookies, clear Internet history, shred temporary files, delete logs and even remove unwanted junk items from your Ubuntu Operating system.

Bleachbit is almost like CCleaner; The number one system cleaner for windows operating system and it is one of the best open source application out there to perform quick cleaning for your linux computer.Bleachbit now coming with advanced features such as shredding files to prevent recovery, wiping free disk space to hide traces of files deleted by other applications



Another simple cleaning utility for your Ubuntu linux operating system.This tool checks the Gconf database and removes any unwanted and unused keys.



GTKOrphan  is one of the best tool to clean up your Ubuntu linux operating system. It will look for orphaned libraries on your Ubuntu OS.I Must say better than computer janitor.I personally used it.Coming with a straightforward user interface and removes packages that is not removed using terminal.


Computer Janitor

Computer Janitor is one of the simplest utility for cleaning up linux computers and it is one of the favourite for many ubuntu lovers.Before you do anything with  Computer Janitor please make sure you know what you are doing.Computer Janitor will find the software packages that has to be removed from your computer and will do basic tweaks to Ubuntu in useful ways. Unfortunately the interface of the Janitor doesn’t explain to the user what it intends to do.



K4DirStat or KDE4 directory statistics is a small program for linux platform that will sums up the disk usage for directory trees.K4DirStat can be used even to sum up FTP servers and got a predefined and user configurable clean up actions.

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