50 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Domain name history was started since 1985,when the first  extension .COM was introduced.Domain name registrars are responsible for providing the required names and which are accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).The premium domain names were auctioned off for the most extravagant amounts.The top level domain names are sold out for big bucks always such as .COM , .NET .Here we listing out the final amounts paid for all those 50 premium domain names.


1.InSure.com for 16 million

Sold out for mind blowing  16 million. One f the top investment we seen so far.

2.Sex.com for  $12,000,000 (approximate, unconfirmed)

Sex.com sold out around 13 million in 2010 but still unconfirmed.As per the diffrent sources it’s value is more than 12 million.Presently turned in to a full fledged porn site.

3.Fund.com for  $9,999,950

Fund.com sold out in 2008 for an amount of $9,999,950.

4.Porn.com for $9,500,000

Sold out in 2007 for $9,500,000 and it getting more than  1,945,661 monthly traffic views.Porn.com got the world’s highest searched keyword.No wonder why it top’s the list.

5.FB.com for  $8,500,000

FB.com sold out in 2010 for an amount of  $8,500,000.Aquired by world’s biggest social network,Facebook.

6.Business.com for $7,500,000

Business.com sold out in 1999 for  $7,500,000.

7.Diamond.com for  $7,500,000

Diamond.com sold out in 2006 for  $7,500,000.,The diamond jewellery  trend is spreading like a worm.There is no wonder ! why Diamond.com comes in the top 10 list of expensive domain names.

8.Beer.com for $7,000,000

Great to see beer.com in the list but I expected alcohol.com too.Anyway Wine.com and vodka.com also soldout for big numbers.

9.Casino.com for  $5,500,000

It’s one of the greatest domain name anyway ended up in top 10 position.

10.Slots.com for  $5,500,000

Sold out in 2010 for $5,500,000.It getting  more than 21,000 monthly pageviews per month.

11.AsSeenOnTV.com for  $5,100,000

The seller of allseenontv.com merchandise. allseenontv.com sold out for $5,100,000.

12.Toys.com $5,100,000

Sold out in 2009 for $5,100,000.

13.Korea.com for $5,000,000

The only domain name in the list with a country name.Sold out for $5,000,000.

14.Shop.com for $3,500,000

15.AltaVista.com for $3,300,000

16.Vodka.com for $3,000,000

17.Wine.com  for $2,900,000

18.CreditCards.com for $2,750,000

19.Pizza.com for  $2,600,000

20.Autos.com for  $2,200,000

21.Computer.com for  $2,100,000

22.Seniors.com for $1,800,000

23.DataRecovery.com for  $1,659,000

24.Cameras.com for $1,500,000

25.Ad.com for  $1,400,000

26.Vista.com for  $1,250,000

27.Scores.com  for  $1,180,000

28.Fish.com for $1,020,000

29.Invest.com for  $1,015,000

30.Guy.com for $1,000,000

31.Bills.com for  $964,500

32.Earth.com for $800,000

33.Website.com for  $750,000

34.Property.com for  $750,000

35.Dollars.com for  $650,000

36.On.com for $635,000

37.VIP.com for $600,000

38.Cardiology.com for $550,000

39.AntiSpyware.com for  $550,000

40.Invention.com for  $500,000

41.AZ.com for  $500,000

42.Wrestling.com for  $500,000

43.Bike.com for $500,000

44.Blue.com for  $500,000

45.SportingGoods.com for $450,000

46.CarSales.com for  $400,000

47.Cowboys.com for $370,000

48.Greeting.com for  $350,000

49.Supplies.com for $323,530

50.Resume.com for $300,000

51.Bike.com for $500,000

If you found any amazing premium like domain name grab it right away.Who knows, maybe later  you can sell it for big numbers !!

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