6 Best Photo Editing Softwares For Ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise

Ubuntu is one of the most widely used linux distribution based on Debian.Ubuntu got backed by Canonical Ltd from UK and they are pushing out new version of Ubuntu linux operating system in every six months with the help of widely spread open source community.Ubuntu is totally free of charge but more powerful than windows operating system.

Canonical is very near to release the next stable ubuntu version named Ubuntu 12.04 precise.Ubuntu 12.04 precise beta version is already live and presently I’m using it on my Dell inspiron N4030 powered by core i5 Second Generation processors and it is awesome !

People who just started using ubuntu may be wondering where is the alternative programs for Photoshop and other photo editing softwares in ubuntu linux.Here with this post we are sorted out the best photo editing softwares for ubuntu Linux 12.04 Precise.

GIMP Image Editor

GIMP is one of the best photo editing software for ubuntu for all time.With GIMP for ubuntu linux you can edit,retouch,enhance photos and you can even create awesome drawings,remove dust and red eye on photos.GIMP image editor is one of the best open source tool and the best alternative for Adobe Photoshop.

GIMP coming with lot of professional level editing tools,filters and numerous fine control settings and features like layers,paths,masks,scripting and much more.GIMP supports many image formats including Adobe Photoshop,Paint shop pro,JPEG.



One of the best software out there for Artists who love ubuntu linux operating system.MyPaint  comes with large collection of brushes including charcoal and ink to emulate real media.The main advantage of Mypaint is the highly configurable brush engine.It allows you to experiment with your own brushes.I think this is one of the most satisfying application I found for freehand work.My paint is light weight in size and very useful app for your Ubuntu Linux operating system.



KolourPaint is one of the simplest application I found for Ubuntu Linux.If you are new on linux platform and really looking for that microsoft paint alternative in Ubuntu linux,Your search will end with KolourPaint.

KolourPaint is easy to use and coming with powerful functionalities for an average user.Ideal app for drawing simple graphics and touching up photos.


Pinta Image Editor

Pinta Image Editor is another easy to use image draw/edit program for linux platform.Coming with unlimited Undo,redo,drawing tools  and effects.Specially designed for casual linux user.

Pinta Image Editor

mtPaint graphic editor

mtPaint graphic editor is geared towards creating  indexed palette images and pixel arts.mtPaint graphic editor uses the GTK+ toolkit.It’s simple and easy to use graphic editor for Ubuntu Linux.

mtPaint graphic editor

Gnome Paint Drawing Editor

Gnome Paint Drawing Editor is another MSpaint alternative for GNOME .One of the most widely used image editor because of the easy and simple user interface.Gnome Paint Drawing Editor  is one of the best app for manipulating the images in quick way.

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