6 Best Utilities To Remove Programs From Mac OS

If you are new to MAC operating system, you may be feel too many strange things ! One of them include the non availability of an Add/Remove program that you found in Microsoft windows .Unlike Windows operating system MAC don’t have any default add/remove feature but you can do this task by simply dragging the application that you want to remove into trash bin.Doin this will not remove the app completely from your MAC OS buut this feature mainly included for the removal of apps that came bundled with MAC operating system.Also this option will not completely remove the application folders and files that is spread on different parts of your MAC OS.These folders and files add up, take up extra space, even after you delete the apps and utilities.Here comes the MAC add/remove utilities to remove the extra garbage sticking to your Mac’s hard drive.


One of my favourite  Mac utility and it got coming with coolest icons and great sound effects but works perfectly on your Mac os.Inorder to remove any application from your MAC os just drag and drop that into AppZapper.You can add many applications at a time to AppZapper for complete removal.Please make not that it is not a free utility for your MAC but worth buying if you are totally new to MAC and professional performance from your MAC.Before going for purchase better evaluate the Appzapper utility and take decision later.



One of the most widely installed add/remove utility for MAC operating system.Works in the similar method as Appzapper but AppCleaner got an advantage that it is totally free to use.AppCleaner will read most of the apps and associated files and folders from your Mac.The drag and drop feature works perfectly but if you want you can search your Mac hard drive for all installed programs, widgets, and plug-ins and supports only Mac OSX only.



Uninstaller is a Mac OS X native software that allows you to uninstall applications or just find changes made in a disk or folder by taking snapshots of file system hierarchy and comparing them between two dates.I think it is more complex method to add or remove applications from your MAC.


This is another free utility for your MAC,It can be used to remove selected programs and apps from your MAC also it will supporting files, preferences and system files.

When you move the application to Apptrap for removal, it will automatically ask;Do you want to move the associated preference files as well.This makes the things automatically .AppTrap  now required Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard ,Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.or, later



Appdelete is another paid application uninstaller for MAC and  it got some advanced features.AppDelete Also removes Widgets, Preference Panes, Plugins, and Screensavers along with their associated file.

Appdelete  uninstaller for MAC also support hidden files and automatically operates if apps thrown into the Trash.


CleanApp is a paid application uninstaller for your MAC but it performs far better than any free apps uninstaller we mentioned above.Whenever you open CleanApp utility, it will automatically search your Mac for applications, preference panes, and archives. It then organizes these files into searchable, categorized lists.


If you are looking for a professional paid application I would really recommend this one for you or if you prefer to go with free application uninstaller for MAC then go for AppCleaner .Caution is advised when using any automated method of deleting files, as such methods could result in files being deleted that you didn’t want deleted.


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