8 Reasons You Should Buy Apple iPhone 5

Apple, the word no more makes us think about the fruit “that keeps the doctor away” but instead makes us go all gooey eyed thinking about all those products and devices that the company Apple Inc has given the world today. It recently launched the Apple iPhone 5 with much fanfare and this launch, like all other launches of Apple, witnessed worldwide attention with millions of eyeballs glued to their TV or computer screens listening to ever detail coming out of the mouth of Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple Inc.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5 : why one should buy

  • Unlike other phones or let’s say smart phones that are available in the market or keep popping every now and then Apple iPhone 5 is not another phone. It is a completely new phone with lot of new features and upgrades that make it a completely new piece.
  • The apple  iPhone 5 is clearly connected with all kinds of technology that is possible. From social media sites, to giving access to e-mails, to clicking pictures like a pro and also for listening to music and uploading pictures instantly. All these activities are possible due to the scores or free and paid apps that are readily available in the Apple store.
  • The faster version of mobile internet (LTE) is a great add on the new phone and along with the larger screen and slimmer body this phone is definitely a catch for the geeks and the normal alike.
  • The new A6 processor, in layman’s language, will enable this version of iPhone to work twice as fast as all other phones from the Apple’s stable. This truly fast speed will be a boon for any hard core user of the phone and will definitely makes a lot of faces smile.
  • The battery life of Apple iPhone 5 has been improved by some notches with the battery to run up to 8 hours with the 4G LTE system on and up to 10 hours with the Wi-Fi up and running. If it is kept on standby after full charge then the iPhone can stay “alive” for a whooping 225 hours which is definitely awe inspiring thing.
  • The new IOS 6, is another cool thing about this gadget as this new IOS will come up with new apps like Apple map for using which Apple plans to give Google a run for its money in the field of GPS and it plans to do this by using the vector graphics for the first time for mapping data and locations.
  • The newly upgraded camera on Apple iPhone 5 comes with new noise reduction software which will help in providing clearer pictures even during low light. A plus to this camera is that the software guys at Apple have made the camera to work at least 40% faster which will come as good news to all budding photographers out there, who would be able to take quick shots and that too much clearer than it was possible before.
  • Apple, over the years has flooded the market with apps and other software which have had made people get used to the kind of devices that Apple makes and as such today there is a lot of gentry which is in a way so lured by the Apple’s world that they would not want to leave this world. Plus, Apple keeps on surprising its patrons with new and upgraded versions of the phone and works on their desires before they ask for an upgrade.

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