All New Chromebook: Google Chrome Takes Some Giant Strides

It’s been a year since Google Chrome introduced the first Chromebooks, state of the art laptops that rely on the cloud network and are completely meant for using to surf the internet. The Chromebooks were well loved and much accepted by students and professionals alike, mostly because they are so amazingly fast, so easy to use, so safe for your data, and let us face it, so good to look at!


And now, within a year, Chrome has come out with some updates that will make the Chromebook experience even better. In partnership with Samsung, Google Chrome has come up with a new Chromebook that is faster and more versatile than the last model.

What improvements has Google Chrome fit into this already amazing device? Well, for one thing, it is tons faster! Actually, based on Intel Core processors, the new Chromebook is nearly three times as fast as the older processor. The new device takes only seven seconds at most to boot, and resumes in an instant. It supports graphics that are accelerated by hardware, a track pad that is multitouch and can be built from the scratch, and the firmware stack is open sourced. All of this make the experience of using the new Chromebook much more responsive and smooth.

Google Chrome understands that the reason you are using Chromebook is because you like surfing the net. And the net means a wide world of apps. So the new Chromebook makes it a piece of cake for you to find great apps, install and launch them, and use them whenever you like. The interface even lets you pin apps to your browser.

Google Chromebook

The new Chromebooks lets you get more work done, whether you are connected to the web or not. It lets you view all the popular file formats, including all versions of MS Office. The Google Drive cloud feature is an awesome sharing feature that will let you remain connected to the stuff you have stored in your cloud even when you are not connected to the net. Google Docs too can be accessed offline, and are automatically and seamlessly synced whenever you connect to the net. The Chrome Remote Desktop Beta app lets you operate your PC or Mac straight from your Chromebook in a remote manner. Chromebook also gives you access to thousands of apps for entertainment, and gaming apps too, which you can buy from the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Remote Desktop Beta

Another new item in the Chrome basket of goodies is the Chromebox, which is an attractive looking, compact desktop with the same features as Chromebook, only with less portability.

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