Amazon Cloud Drive : Desktop App For Windows And Mac Released

Amazon is world’s best known electronic commerce company,the world’s largest online retailer and one of the best known cloud service provider. Amzon Cloud Drive allows you to store everything in secure cloud, like your music, videos, photos, and documents on Amazon’s secure servers. Amazon Cloud Drive got backed by 5GB free storage for all users and got premium services too under  nominal rates.

Amazon cloud drive coming with unlimited secure access from any location or wherever you are,All you have to do is keep your Amazon cloud drive account username and password in a safe place.

Amazon cloud drive got lot of advanced features compared to other cloud providers like Google Drive,Dropbox,Skydrive.These include the facility to save your Amazon MP3 Store purchases to your Amazon cloud Drive and you can listen to these music through any internet powered computer with Amazon Cloud Player And the best part is that When you save or upload your Amazon MP3 Store purchases to your Amazon cloud Drive, they don’t take up any of your free 5GB storage space means all these purchased items are  always stored for free.

Amazon also have some premium service offering and they are offering a maximum Cloud storage space of 1000GB with a price tag of $1000 per year.I think it’s not a huge amount compared to the other cloud service providers.The complete upgrade option is listed below.

Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon buzzed the cloud business with the release of their own cloud application for both windows and Mac operating systems.This Cloud drive application will allow Amazon cloud users to upload files to the amazon cloud servers either by dragging and dropping the files on the cloud drive icon or by right-clicking files or folders and selecting the send to Amazon Cloud Drive context menu option.

Amazon cloud drive application also coming with the ability to download the files through any web browser or maybe you can opt for a background transfer.When it’s running on your desktop it will be automatically minimized in the system tray, from where you can load the Amazon Cloud Drive account in the default web browser or even you can ask for additional storage.

Amazon Cloud Drive Apps

Unfortunately the Amazon cloud drive application is missing the important sync feature that most of the other cloud service providers got.I hope amazon will work on this area  in next updates of the Amazon cloud drive application for windows and Mac operating systems. You can download it from below links.Download it today and grab 5GB free extreme cloud storage and experience the difference.

Download Amazon Cloud Drive App For windows OS from here

Download Amazon Cloud Drive App For Mac OS from here

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