Best Peer To Peer File Sharing Programs Of All Time

Peer to peer network become so popular these days because it eliminates the need of setting up a central server,means all the computers or digital  devices  in the peer to peer network are allowed to use the same resources equally.For example the  popular instant messenger service like skype and other peer to peer file sharing applications such as limewire,BitTorrent etc .In peer to peer file sharing or P2P sharing we are not using the traditional web browser to download the files, instead we have separate peer to peer software utility.

Millions around the world using different P2P softwares these days and most of them using it for exchanging music,video or other files over the world wide web.There are lot of free and paid P2P softwares available in the market but the major ones include the messenger giant Skype and BitTorrent.Depending on the resource availability and easy of use we sorted out the best peer to peer file sharing programs for you.Check them out !

Peer File Sharing Programs


BitTorrent is totally free peer to peer file sharing application.BitTorrent is presently a favourite of millions of P2P software users.Most of the BitTorrent users are interested in sharing movies and popular TV shows online.I’m also a big fan of them.


The Limewire P2P file sharing software client connects to the popular Gnutella P2P network. Limewire client software is another most widely used and trusted, fastest Peer to peer file sharing program.Limewire P2P file software got the best and clean user interface compared to other similar apps and does not coming with any adware.Limewire is widely available for all type of users including Windows,Linux.Mac. Unfortunately Limewire taken down by govt presently but we all waiting for the comeback of this popular P2P client.

Shareaza P2P Software

Shareaza is another popular Peer to peer file sharing program. This Shareaza P2P software client offers an extremely powerful search engine capable of connecting to multiple popular P2P networks including eDonkey, BitTorrent and Gnutella.

Shareaza Peer to peer file sharing software now coming with new user interface and different color schemes,unlimited music downloads,ability to detect fake and/or corrupted files.

The free Shareaza P2P software client  also contains no ads or spyware.What else you need from a free peer to peer file sharing software.


iMesh is another popular peer to peer file sharing program.Presently iMesh P2P client software is version 11 and it gives you access to over 15 million legal songs and videos.You can also sync your favourite one with your iPod, listen to DJ stations,discover new artists and share with friends and much more.

eDonkey / Overnet

eDonkey/Overnet is another popular P2P file sharing software.Most of the users of eDonkey/Overnet P2P file sharing client is from Europe.The client P2P software can be installed on Windows, Linux and Mac.The free version comes with some advertisements but safe to play.

Bearshare P2P Client

Bearshare is one of the most widely used P2P file sharing software and it allows everyone to share and download files from everyone on the global Gnutella peer-to-peer network ,same as the popular limewire but the limewire interface is better than Bearshare.

With Bearshare peer to peer file sharing software you can make new friends using the Instant messaging system You can have your own profile picture and interact straight away with other people on the network.Bearshare is 100 % legal P2P file sharing software so don’t worry about anything !

FrostWire P2P Client

Frostwire is another new generation Peer to peer file sharing software.Frostwire lets you share large files and folders also it’s completely free and open source.Coming with ton’s of features compared to any other P2P softwares.I personally made a switch to Frostwire recently and it’s totally amazing.It coming with friendly online chat rooms,with media library and audio player.

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