Best YouTube Channels For Detailed Photoshop Tutorials

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but it is also equally true that a video or a live demonstration is worth more than a week’s reading of books and articles of instruction. If you have no serious knowledge of photo editing, and you need to edit photos either for a professional reason, or because you would prefer to do it yourself rather than give it out to an expert, then you need to either attend a few classes, or alternatively, you could just watch a Photoshop tutorial on YouTube.

A video tutorial is just as good as a face to face guidance when it comes to learning to use Photoshop. This is because most of these tutorials assume that the viewer has zero knowledge about the topic, and takes him step by step through the features and the methods. Have a look at these top seven channels for video tutorials about Photoshop from YouTube that can help you learn the Photoshop ropes quickly and deftly:

1. Adobe Photoshop Channel

The first place you should check out is the official Adobe Photoshop Channel on YouTube, because, you know, it is official, so it is like getting a tutorial straight from the creators. Moreover, being Adobe, you would expect the videos to be all slick and impressive, and frankly, they don’t disappoint. Photoshop also lets you have secret tips and pointers in some videos, which you could never have discovered on your own.


2. Photoshop Mama’s Obsessive Photoshop Disorder

The name may sound ridiculous, but this channel, with over 140 videos by the legendary Mama Shan, or Photoshop Mama, is nothing to laugh at. Photoshop Mama is a certified Photoshop Expert, and she has tutorial videos ranging from makeovers to art on Photoshop. Moreover, this channel also sells and markets Photoshop resources that you could need.

Photoshop Mama’s Obsessive Photoshop Disorder

3. Gavin Hoey Photo Videos

This channel, started by UK based photographer and Photoshop expert, is really popular among amateur and professional photographers who would like to alter their photographs digitally. This channel has videos that show the right way to manipulate different types of photos, depending on their composition.

Gavin Hoey Photo Videos

4. Creative Sweet TV

Australian photographer and Photoshop expert Mike McHugh guides us through the various nitty gritties of editing via Photoshop in his adorable accent in this channel. However, this channel has tutorials for several softwares, so you have to hunt out the relevant videos for Photoshop yourself, or search for the right playlist.

Creative Sweet TV

5. IceFlow Studios Photoshop Video Training

More than any of the other channels, this one gives the most enhanced feeling of a classroom training session, perhaps because of the way it splits the videos according to the various Photoshop features they deal with, or that it requires you to master one skill before you move on to a more advanced one.

IceFlow Studios Photoshop Video Training

6. TutorVid

You may have just a few hours to learn all you need about Photoshop, or you may be willing to invest two months to acquire every single bit of knowledge possible. TutorVid offers you a host of options about how long you want to spend learning Photoshop, so there are playlists for learning Photoshop in sixty minutes, with just a few basic features, as well as in depth, month long tutorials.


7. Pixel for Life

A perfect pitch between a simple tutorial for beginners and advance training for more experienced users, Pixel for Life is a YouTube Photoshop training channel that has it all, and is still growing every day. You will find all sorts of obscure Photoshop tips in the videos in this channel.


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