BrowserShots : Check Your Website Theme Compatibility In More Than 60 Browsers

Improper CSS coding will make your website/blog show different look on different web browsers. If you are switching your theme please make sure your new theme compatible with all types of browsers. Today I come up with a tool where you can check your theme compatibility with more than 60 web browsers. Some of you may be noticed,Last week we switched our theme and I found this tool very useful for checking my blog theme compatibility in more than 60 browser versions.

Browser shots- one of the best site I visited last Week. Browser shots will check your blog theme compatibility in most of the web browsers available on the internet.More over you will be able to check your theme in Windows, Linux and Mac compatible Browsers.


Apart from compatibility you can even set color depth, java script and flash compatibility etc.

All you need is to just enter your website address in the Interface on Browser Shots and select the browser’s that you want to test your website/blog.Now click on submit button  and wait for few minutes to see the results.When you submit your web address, it will be added to the Browser tools job queue and different distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to Browser Tools central dedicated servers for your review.You will be able to see all the screenshots in the interface itself or you can download all screenshots.

Just visit browser shots and use the tools to take advantage now.Don’t forget to leave your comments here.

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