Best Chrome Extensions For Facebook Users

Within 5 years of release Google chrome gained lot of popularity since they launched the extensions.Many more people who was on other browsers are automatically switched to Google chrome.This was the game changer decision for Google chrome as they introduced Chrome extensions to users.After that Chrome market share hadn’t looked lets come in to our post,today we are going to share you the best chrome extensions for Facebook addicts.

As you know,Facebook is bringing lot of changes on daily basis with out any prior notification and it was very annoying for the users,who regularly visit the world’s biggest social network.So here comes the best chrome Facebook extensions which makes your life simple and some of them will help you get away from those new changes that you never going to like.


Facebook Messenger

It is the same simple Facebook application that allows you to chat with your Facebook friends with in the browser.once you installed the Facebook messenger chrome extension you can view new friend requests, notifications, and messages from the top bar. The extension in chrome also opens a separate window whenever  you send and receive Facebook messages.

Do Not Track Me Facebook

Most of the social networking sites tracks the user activity on regular basis and when it comes to facebook, they track each and every page you visit on the social network.If you don’t wish to be tracked then install this extension do not track me facebook .Once it got installed facebook can’t track which links you click on in your news feed

Download FB Album Mod

If you are looking to download all the facebook album photos then this extension is for you.You can download both small and large albums on the go.Once installed It adds a button to the top URL bar and upon clicking it, you can select how you want to download the facebook album.

Facebook Panda

You may be noticed,facebook is using Bing maps as the default map provider on facebook.As you know Google got a better maps feature but it don’t have any tieup with facebook to use their maps.In smple we ca nsay Facebook Panda is an extension for chrome that will replace Bing maps with Google Maps.

Facebook Chat Fix

Another great chrome extension for Facebook users who wish to restore the old Facebook chat style.

Facebook For Chrome

Great extension to get Facebook notifications, post statuses & links, like, comment and more! It is one of the popular Facebook extension for chrome with more than 750,000 active user base.

Facebook Notifications

This is another best chrome extension for Facebook users who are active on Facebook on daily basis.This extension connects to your Facebook account to show you what’s happening with your friends including,Likes and comments on your posts,Invitations to events,Friend requests,new messages etc.

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