Delete Browser History, Cache, and Temporary Files On Your Windows Computer With “Wipe”

As you know now a day’s hackers got advanced tools to find out your personal data and information on your computer. Mainly they getting in to your computer by monitoring passwords, browser cookies etc. To defend hacking of your personal data from your windows computer it is important to delete browser history, browser cache, and temporary files on your windows computer.

Today we are come with a great tool named Wipe, Wipe is freeware and it will help you delete browser history, browser cache, and temporary files on your computer easily. Wipe got several options including the selection of programs to be wiped out from your computer and Wipe comes with free monthly updates enabling it to recognize and erase browser history and cache, cleaning index.dat files, securely removing cookies, safely deleting autocomplete history and temporary internet files.


I think Wipe is an effective and simple option for users of all experience levels. I’m personally tested it on my computer and it sounds good. Check out Wipe for your windows computer and share your experience with us. You can download Wipe from below link.

Download Wipe for your Windows Computer from here.

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