Detect and Record Movement or Sound Automatically Using iSpy

Today we are going to show you another free utility named iSpy to provide security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting service. iSpy uses your webcams and microphones to detect and record movement or sound More over it will provide security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services.

iSpy allow you to Connect and monitor as many cameras and microphones as you like.When iSpy found any movement or sound is detected it will run any program in your network or it will send an email or SMS or MMS alert to the registered users.


What You Can Do with iSpy ?

  • Connect multiple computers in a group and manage over the web
  • Control cameras with PTZ
  • Detect, highlight, track and record movement using Your Webcam and MicroPhone
  • One-click or auto upload to youtube
  • Auto FTP to any servers
  • Listen to and monitor audio live over the network
  • Import and export object lists to share with colleagues
  • You Can Access and control iSpy remotely
  • Watch live and recorded media locally, over the Internet.
  • Install iSpy Server and publish your webcam to other instances of iSpy, over your network

iSpy works on Windows XP,Vistaand Windows 7 and it required  Microsoft .Net framework version 3.5 client along with Windows media player 9 VCM codecs.You can download iSpy from below link.

Download iSpy from here.

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