Easily Run Ubuntu Desktop From Android Device

Smart phones getting more horsepower than some of the computers these days. Most of the Smartphones especially android devices now powered by high speed dual core processors and inbuilt 1 or 2 GB memory. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux operating system realized the act and thinked about why not utilize the full potential for Smartphones.This lead to the project called Ubuntu for android.

Ubuntu for android will bring the open source Linux distribution to android Smartphones; with this you can run an Ubuntu desktop from your Android Smartphone. Inorder to run Ubuntu desktop from your android device you need a docking station with capability and hardware support for HDMI and USB.


Canonical founder Mark Shuttlewoth said in a blog post,

It’s a lightweight way to be – everything seamlessly available with the right interface for the right form factor, with no hassles syncing. It just works, the way Ubuntu should. Lots of work behind the scenes to make both systems share what they need to share, but the desktop is a no-compromise desktop.

Ubuntu and android got powered by the same kernel and when docked Ubuntu Linux operating system will boot along with android, Means Smartphone and desktop functionality to co-exist in different runtimes. Shared devices and applications will be delivered using a Convergence API module.

Ubuntu for android can utilize your device network connectivity including 3G or  4G with out any issues. I think Ubuntu for android is a unique concept and it will work perfectly in your android device.Ubuntu for android is opened up new world of opportunities! Let’s wait and see 😉

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