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Internet is all about browsing and downloading. The maximum usage of internet throughout the world is for downloading the desired and required files. These files include free MP3 downloads, video files, online tutorials, movies and eBooks. There are numerous websites offering these services but one of the most trusted one is This is a well known and reputed website providing the real and genuine download links for all kind of files which include music, video, movies, educational videos, EBooks and much more.


General-files have a detailed categorization of the free downloading links available in the website. The makers of this site have worked hard to assemble all the available links in the suitable category. This categorization helps the user to find out their desired links to download. Though this website provides all the best services one need to download files but the best part is that the links included in this website are purely genuine and authentic.

They do not have any broken download links and no link in this website is infected with any kind of harmful viruses. The problem of having virus is very common in the download links available over internet. has a sister website also named as As the name itself signifies this is a free downloads directory provided by This website has all the links well systemized in the best suitable categories.

The designers and developers of this website have done a good job to categorize the links in the proper category which help a user to locate any link easily. The home page of this website also includes some most popular links downloaded by the users from all over the world. This help the user to know which are the most popular and loved download links all over the world.

Along with the popular links the front page of the website also has the rating and review system. The users can rate or leave a review or feedback for any link. In a nutshell I can say that it is a free file directory having everything a user might be looking for.

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