Google Added “Download Photo” Option to Google+

Google+ is one of the fastest growing brand new social network from Google and the Google+ team is adding new features on a weekly basis now. Google recently added the share option few day’s before and today Dave Cohen, Technical Lead on Google+ Photos, present, just announced the new “Download Photo” option. It let’s you download full size Photos from Google+.

If any one using the download photo option on Google plus they will get the highest possible resolution image with great quality compared to the previous dragged or save image option. “Download Photo” option on Google+ photos will only available when the uploaded enabled access to everyone to download the high resolution image.


How to use the “Download Photo” Option on Google+

 If you are viewing photo’s on the light box please click on actions. If the Photo Owner allowed the downloads you will get an option named “Download Photo”. Click on this option to download High Quality Photos from Google+.

If you don’t want everyone to download your Google+ photos, Please click the gear icon on the top right corner of your Google+ screen, go to Google+ Settings ( and uncheck the Allow viewers to download my photos check box.

What do you think ? it’s an easy option for your friends to download your Google plus photos ?


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