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Innovations are there when human need it ,Google cloud print allow you to connect your local computer printers to the web, means your home or office printers will be available to you or any one you give access from simple Google applications. Google Cloud Print will work perfectly from your Mobile phone, tablet, Chromebook, PC, and any other web-connected device you want to print from. To get started with Google cloud print you need to connect your home or office printer to your Google cloud print account. Google Presently support cloud ready printer and any classic printers only.

Google yesterday revealed a brand new home page for Google Cloud print with more information on about this awesome service. You can check it out here.By default, you can only print documents and Web pages in Chrome using Cloud Print if you have a Chromebook but there are some unofficial applications that will help you to print from gmail other webpages.

How can you connect your home or Office Printer to Google Cloud ?


Step 1: Connect your Local printer in your home or Office to the internet

Step 2: Now Google chrome browser on your local computer to enable the Google Cloud Print connector

The Google Cloud Print Connector is currently available for Windows XP, 7 and Vista and Mac.Google will soon add support for Linux Operating system very soon. You can do this by visiting chrome://settings/browser in your Google Chrome browser address bar and move to “UndertheHood” tab and scroll down to get Google Cloud Print section. Now click on Sign in to Google Cloud Print and log in with your Google account.


Android device users can use Google Docs application, for iOS device use PrintCentral Pro Application and for Mac Operating System use Cloud Print Lite 1.0 Application for Google Cloud print.


Step 3: That’s it! You will now get a Google Cloud print success message .Now click on “print a test page” to verify the Google Cloud Print setup. You can manage or disable your Google Cloud Print settings anytime by visiting “UndertheHood” section on your Google Chrome browser.

Now site back and watch out the Official Cloud print video from Google and share your experience on Google Cloud print with us in our comment section.

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