“Google Me” – New threat to Facebook ?

Facebook – The number one social networking site and Google – No. 1 Search engine on the planet, both are leaders on the internet.Facebook is growing in high momentum and Google thinks Facebook will be in catchable distance. Facebook is getting more and more user’s world wide and the subscriber base increasing in a fast phase and it is close to 500 million users per month world wide.

Google tried to fight with Facebook with their Social networking platform Orkut and Google Buzz. But both these service not coming up to the mark for Google. Due to the privacy issues buzz not come as expected for Google.

Here comes the rumor that Google looking for another Social networking platform named “Google Me”. Kevin Rose, CEO of “DIGG-the bookmarking website” was the first one to inform this new Google move on his tweet. If this information is true, it will be Google’s third attempt towards Social networking platform that can fight with Facebook.

No one seems to really know .Just wait for Google official response.

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