Hewlett-Packard Company ( HPQ ) Will Bring Cloud Computing Services To Public

It looks like HP is going to concentrate on highly profitable cloud computing services.As per the New York Times magazine report,HP is decided to make their cloud computing services to public  with their second quarter results.

Hp planning to increase their revenue by concentrating on higher margin storage and cloud computing arena.There is already big players out there in this area such as Amazon,IBM,Google,Microsoft .As per the reports HP’s cloud platform will be much similar to Amazon’s web services but there will be no price cut on services.


Amazon.com working as a international retailer but they serving the developers through their cloud service AWS (Amazon web services ).The service  price is on the basis of usage and it varies from case to case.H-P’s planned cloud services  will offer some programming languages such as Ruby, Java and PHP along with some analytics service in cloud.

In-order to concentrate on the new business model HP acquired storage vendor 3Par Inc. at a hefty $2.35 billion and another software firm Autonomy.With the acquisition of Autonomy Hp become the strong contender for business analytics software and services market.

I think the HP cloud service offering to public will take little time to take off.Let’s wait and watch !

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