How to create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu 10.10

Today we are going to create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu 10.10 operating system,for completing our  task you have  to  download  the latest Ubuntu version from Ubuntu download center.Now go through our step by step guide on how to create a bootable USB drive for Ubuntu .Make sure you have free space available in your USB drive before you go through the process.I prefer minimum 2GB space on your USB drive.Instead of USB you can also use CD/DVD for creating a bootable ubuntu 10.10 disc.You can use the same steps to create any bootable Linux operating system.


Step 1: Download the USB installer software –one of the favourite live Linux USB creator.You can use this USB installer software for creating any Linux distributions image on USB device.


Step 2: Install the USB installer software and select the ISO file.



Step 3: Open the software and select Ubuntu Linux Ver 10.10 distribution (that you downloaded before ) from the drop down menu list.if it is not showing there please click on browse and select the location.

Ubuntu 10.10 on USB


Step 4: now select the USB drive option and click on create .You are done it.


Now you got a bootable USB device.Now restart your computer and change your Boot device priority in BIOS .Select USB as the first boot device.All new generation computer will support USB booting.


Step 5 : Re-start your computer again.Now Ubuntu will start the installation from your USB device.finish all the  installation procedure to get started with Ubuntu 10.10.


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