How To Delete Credit Card Information From Apple iTunes

Probably you may be aware about the Apple ID.Anyway let me breif it once again for those newbies.Apple ID is a simple account on or other apple website. It can be used for getting apple product support such as downloading apps from apple store,updating,purchasing any Apple products and services.

If you already purchased anything from you may be already setup your Apple ID and during that time you too added your credit card information.If you want to remove your credit card information later then follow below steps.

Step 1 : Go to Apple iTunes and Log in with your Apple account details.

Step 2 : Now click on the email address on the right corner and select Account from drop down menu.

Step 3 : On your Account Page, click on edit link for ‘Payment Information’.


Step 4 : Now you will be on  the payment edit page click on None and done to save the changes.


Let me know if you facing any difficulties in removing your credit card information from Apple iTunes and all Apple websites.

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