How To Make Your Computer Faster In Less Than 2 Minutes

There are many ways to speed up your computer but some of them will take lot of time and efforts. Today we will show you some basic but yet effective way to make your computer faster in less than two minutes.

Delete Temp Files
1) Go to Start Screen and start typing ‘Run’ OR press ‘Windows’ key + ‘R’ key together at same time to open Run command box.
2) Type” %temp%” (without quotes) in Run window and delete all temporary files out there. Some files won’t delete so Skip those files. In new generation windows OS you need to type %temp% in the search bar on the top corner and enter to open the temp file location, then delete it.


 Delete Prefetch folder

1) Again Go to Run, type ‘Prefetch’ (without quotes) and Click on OK.
2) Delete all files.

Update Windows Defender

1) Go to Charms Bar and click on Search Tab.
2) Type ‘Windows Defender’ and open it. Click on “Scan now” and go to Update Tab and click on “Update”. (If you connected Internet then only update will work)

Disable star up apps

Disabling the start-up applications will definitely increase your computer speed. Press Windows’ key + ‘R’ key together to open the Run command box and type in “msconfig” there. It will open another ms-config utility and Select “disable all” and click apply.

In newer versions of windows you can disable start up applications from task manager itself. To do this go to Run command box again and type in “TASKMGR”. Select the programs you want to disable from start-up and click “disable” option. Done!


Disable Screen Saver

This is another way to speed up your computer by disabling screen saver. all you have to do is right click on your computer desktop and go to personalise. Now click on the screen saver option and select “none” and click “Apply” to activate.

Then Restart your Computer.

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