How To Run Metro Apps From The Desktop In Windows 8

Windows 8, one of the most ambitious project of Microsoft features a brand new set of apps called Metro apps. These apps are not only fast, fluid but are entirely different from the legacy desktop apps. Microsoft also introduced Windows Store in Windows 8, to provide an easy and official way of installing these metro apps.

How to run Metro apps from the desktop Also Microsoft made sure that the process of installing and uninstalling these new metro apps are a simplified than the desktop apps. Installing and uninstalling these apps is just a matter of clicks. To install an app, one can easily browse through the Store and simply click on the Install button to install the desired app. Whereas uninstalling the app is pretty straight forward as well.

But the only problem with these metro apps is that they can be launched only through the new Start screen, which is a replacement of the Start button. One can pin the tile of metro apps to the Start screen and can launch it from there. There is no official way of launching the desktop apps from the desktop. Ever wondered whether it is possible or not?

Well, don’t worry. Today we are here with an awesome tutorial, following which you can easily launch Metro apps from the desktop.

How to run Metro apps from the desktop

1. First of all right click on an empty are in the Desktop, and click on New menu. How to run Metro apps from the desktop

2. Here select the Shortcut option.

3. Copy and paste the location below, and press Enter.

%windir%\explorer.exe shell:::{4234d49b-0245-4df3-b780-3893943456e1}
How to run Metro apps from the desktop
4. Here type, Metro apps in the box and click on the Finish option.
How to run Metro apps from the desktop
Now a folder will appear on your desktop with the name Metro apps. You can open this folder to launch metro app right from the desktop. 
How to run Metro apps from the desktop

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