How to Save and View Chat history on Facebook with “Facebook Chat history manger” Add-On for Firefox ?

Accidently today I came to an excellent Mozilla Firefox add-on named “Facebook Chat history manger”. Facebook Chat history manger is cool and simple add-on that will help you save your Facebook conversation in Local environment.

Facebook Chat history manger is so simple to easy to install more importantly  it securely stores Facebook chat history in your local computer hard drive  and only authorized users can check or view those saved Facebook messages. Facebook Chat history manger is great utility for those who want to view their face book chat history in online and offline mode.

If you want to try it out .you can do by downloading Facebook Chat history manger add-on for your Mozilla Firefox from below link and follow the instructions to save your Facebook chat history.

How to Save Chat history on Facebook with Facebook Chat history manger

1. Download and Install Facebook Chat history manger

You can Download Facebook Chat history manger Add-on from here and click on add to Firefox and click Allow.


2. Create your account

Go to Firefox menu bar and select Tools, find Facebook Chat History Manager menu, Now click on Create Account and login to your Existing Facebook account. Facebook will now ask you for giving Application access to your Facebook account. Once you successfully logged in close the popup window. Your Facebook chat history will now automatically saved by  Facebook Chat History Manager Add-on.


3. How to View chat history

You can view Facebook Chat history in two ways

a: Press Controll+Alt+F to open chat history window. This need you login.
b. From Firefox menubar, select Tools,find Facebook Chat History Managermenu, and select View History.

4. How to  Delete chat history

To delete messages, you can select the messages to be deleted then click delete button on the top of view history messages page.

Thatz it .Now you can keep a record of all your Facebook messages on your hard drive. Now your friends and colleagues never argue when eve they broke a promise!


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