How to Shutdown,Sleep And Restart Windows 8 Computer

I hope you already got a chance to tryout windows 8 developer preview, the next expected version of windows operating system. Microsoft already pushed out the windows 8 developer preview during the build windows 8 conference. If you still not installed windows 8 on your computer please follow our windows 8 posts.

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Now you installed windows 8, Are you ? If you are new to windows 8 developer preview you may be looking for the button to shutdown your computer. I am also taken my time to find out the shutdown button on windows 8 because windows developer preview is optimized for touch screen tablets and smart phones. If you want to e shutdown your windows 8 computer please follow below steps.


Step 1: Move your cursor to the bottom left corner (don’t click).Now you will see the windows 8 start menu.

windows 8 startmenu

Step 2: Now click on the settings. A green sidebar will now appear on your right side.

Power-Button-Windows 8

Step 3: You are almost near. Click on the power button and you will get sleep, shutdown and restart options.


Step4: Click on the option you want and done !


Let me know if you have any difficulties in finding sleep, shutdown and Restart button on windows 8 computer.

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