HP Employees in US will Get $99 and $149 HP Touchpad; On First Come First Served Basis

HP is all set to release the second run of $99 and $149 HP touchpad tablet and it looks like HP employees will be able to get their hands on the TouchPad tablet shortly. It will be the last set of HP Touchpad Tablet. HP previously canceled the TouchPad and allowed retailers to clearance them out at an astounding Price.

Tech Crunch recently got access to an internal HP Memo, It showing HP Touchpad tablet will be available to HP employees from 28th of September for $99 for the 16GB and $149 for the 32GB.

HP Tablet

HP will be selling $99 and $149 HP touchpad tablet to employees in US on first come first served basis and it will be restricted to one tablet per one employee.


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