Instagram for Android! It’s Finally Here

As I told you in our article about photography tools for Android phones, Instagram had announced that it would soon release its Android version, but had not mentioned a fixed date for the release. But finally, much to the joy and relief of Instagram fans who use Android, the app has been launched and is available for downloaded for free here.

Instagram for Android

Instagram has a huge following in iOS, to the tune of 27 million users, and the reason is pretty obvious, it is simply one of the best apps for photography, with its awesome editing and sharing features. Predictions are rife that the user base will touch 1 million in the first week of release for the Android version.


Habituated iOS Instagram users who have recently shifted to Android will be happy to know that many of the features are pretty much the same. The layout of the user interface has remained unchanged. The five key functions of the app can still be found on the bottom of the home screen. Photo sharing remains simple and easy, with single click sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumbler.

Instagram Android

However, be prepared to take some mild disappointment in your stride. Instagram for Android does not have tilt shift, which allows iOS instagram users to focus on one area of a picture rather than the whole photo. Other editing features are also missing, but there are new features as well. Overall it will not be the exact same experience as using Instagram on iOS, but this is not to say it will not be as good.

Instagram for Android

One amazing feature that the Instagram app for Android does have, which is bound to get iOS users all jealous, is the advanced camera option. This tool automatically resizes your photos to a more suitable size, and saves you the trouble of selecting the picture from the photo library, clicking on the crop icon and cropping the picture manually.

So it is indeed a moment of rejoicing for hipsters who prefer the slightly underground mainstream iPhones, as they can now take advantage of this awesome app from which they had been deprived till now.

Have you used Instagram on your Android phone yet? What features did you like? Did you face any problems? Do let us know in the comments.

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