Iomoio : Best Site To Download Cheap MP3 Songs Legally

Are you looking for a music download service which can fulfill your basic needs of music downloads? If yes then you must try using Iomoio – one of the best mp3 download website that are totally legal and cheap way to increase your music collection. It has a wide compilation of music download links which include various genres and various artists. The best part is that it is a legal service and the links you download on your system are completely genuine and safe from any kind of viruses.

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Though Iomoio is a paid service but it provides legal mp3 downloads on such a cheap rates that makes this service worth paying. One needs to create an account with Iomoio to use their services. It is quite simple to register with this website and unlike the other music downloading websites it asks just for your email address to register. It does not ask for your credit card details or any other personal details which makes the registration and download much simpler.

After making the registration with the site you need to add money to your account to buy the download links. When you make an account in Iomoio you get a balance of $0 in the account where you need to add funds to buy the music.

You can add your funds through your credit cards. Adding the funds through credit card is as simple as you buy anything from an online shop. You just need to fill the form with necessary details and you are done with it. The only glitch is that it does not have the PayPal option which is much more convenient to than credit card. The website has set 4 different denominations of adding money which starts from $16 and move on to $32, $64 and $96. More you add, better bonus you get.

Once you are done with the funds, you can browse the website having more than 56,000 artists and music links.

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