No Plans To Release Google Chrome OS Based Notebooks : Acer

There are rumors in few technology blogs that Acer will release Google Chrome OS on their new series notebooks and it will be shown to the world on upcoming Computex exhibition in Taipei on June 1-5 even Google not Released the beta version.

Chrome operating system project announced by Google in middle of 2009 as an open source initiative. As per Google it will be the fast, simple and more secure operating system ever build in the world. Google set a time frame of one year to finish the project and they promised to launch the Chrome OS based notebooks in the second half of 2010. There is no news about an early release of Google chrome Operating system but the rumors put Acer in pressure and told the medias that they have no short term plans to launch Chrome based notebooks.


Check out the official Update from Acer about Chrome Operating system release.

Despite recent rumors in the press regarding the launch of Chrome OS based notebooks at Computex, Acer today confirms that it has no short-term plans for such a product. Acer believes that Google Chrome OS is without doubt an exciting product announcement and deserves its full attention as well as an in-depth study of its potential from a consumer’s perspective. Acer is naturally interested in any product or service that enhances the overall experience of its products and will of course be following the development and progress of Google Chrome and the evolution of Google’s overall product strategy very closely.

The idea behind chrome OS comes when Google released their Chrome Browser ,that gained a huge popularity soon after the launch. The latest Google study shows that  from July 2009 to may 2010 the chrome active user base doubled from 30 million to 70 million.Google expecting the same or better result for their new launch ready chrome operating system.

It is really understood from the point that Acer will watch the project development and progress of Google Chrome Operating system closely. We can hope that Acer will be the first manufacturer, who will put Chrome OS in their notebooks.

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