Orkut Got flooded with New virus “Bom Sa bado”

Orkut is famous social networking platform from Google and favourite social networking site in india and Brazil.Friday was a bad day for Orkut users.A new virus names “Bom Sa bado” hit Orkut user’s scrapbook world-wide.

Most of the users getting scraps from their friends with words “Bom Sa bado”.Orkut users scarp books got flooded with this worm.Once this virus got infected on your orkut profile this worm automatically make your account sign up with fake communites.Looks like the origin of this worm is from Portuguese.The worm using malicious I-frame to spread it to all orkut profiles.This coe pointing to a domain named “tptools.org/worm.js” .Check out the screen shot of one of my friends scrapbook that got hit by “Bom Sa bado”

Orkut new

The worm is created in such a way that the attack is spreading so Quickly .looks like this worm is trying to steal sensitive password information of user passwords,personal information,credit card details etc.I hope Orkut will soon fix the issue  before this worm spread all over orkut community.

Protection Methods

Once you logging out from Orkut just clear your browser cookies,cache.I prefer you change your Orkut account password immediately.

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