RIM Launched BBM Music service in US,Canada and Australia

RIM,The company behind blackberry just launched the stable channel of their cloud based streaming music service named BBM Music.RIM announced BBM music back in august and after going through several beta stages they decided to bring it for general public.

BBM Music now service in US,Canada and Australia,and coming with millions of songs from leading music companies around the world.RIM partnered with OmniFone,Leading cloud music service provider to power up their BBM Music.


Best Features of BBM Music Service

  • Create playlists that are all your own – using songs from all your friends’ profiles

  • Post comments about your friends’ music and chat with them about music in real-time

  • Discover what your friends are doing by watching the timeline – friends adding friends, new songs, playlists, comments

  • Listen offline, while not connected to the wireless networkCreate your music profile from a catalogue of millions of songs and keep it fresh by swapping songs every month

  • Make friends and listen to their music selections

  • Play single songs or entire playlists created by friends. Listen to a giant playlist that includes all tracks from all your friends

BBM Music service allows you to listen full tracks of music from your friends profile.Users can also build a profile with 50 favorite song with an option to swap 25 songs each month and also allows you to create multiple playlist.If you have more premium BBM friends,the more songs you can share.

BBM Music premium service will coast you a  monthly subscription of $4.99 USD.There is also two month free premium service trial for US and Canada subscribers and one month free trial for Australian customers.


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