Send Attachments Up To 300 MB In,Microsoft’s modern webmail service,that got previewed last already got lot of user attention for it’s clean look and it’s modern user interface that makes everything easy. got backed with robust account security, industry leading spam protection, minimal advertisements, Microsoft office Web applications, conect or share to  Facebook ,Twitter,google plus or any other social networks and many more awesome features.

You can also grab your address if you already have any microsoft account such as Hotmail,MSN,Microsoft live etc.All you have to grab your address is just log in  to your microsoft acccount and click the upgrade option present in options menu.

If you wish,you can create a new account too. All you have to do is just go to and click on the sign up button  to create a new account. I’m already grabbed my ID,What about you ?

I hope now you got your @outlook ID.lets go back to our topic now ! By default allows you to send up to 25 MB attachments but the Skydrive feature allow you to send attachments size up to 300MB.This feature was already there for microsoft Hotmail,MSN and live users for a long time but I think most of the users not aware about this one.’s  clean and modern metro interface made this skydrive cloud support more simple.

 outlook-attachment_size allows you to send up 300 MB file attachments by uploading it to skydrive and this process will be done with out leaving user interface.All you have to do is just click on the send files using skydrive option link if you got an error message while uploading attachments over 25 MB.

Please not that the upload will take some time,depending on your internet connection speed.So be patient once finish uploading click on the send button and you are done !


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