StumbleUpon Added New “Explore box” [Video]

StumbleUpon today added a new feature named “Explore box” and with this new feature all StumbleUpon users will get more relevant recommendations for their search queries. StumbleUpon Explore box feature presently in Beta stage and you can stumble thousands of specific topics.

StumbleUpon-Explore box

The new feature will be available on StumbleUpon website.I already looked in to it.See the image above. Now look at StumbleUpon CEO Garrett Camp’S words during an interview with Colleen Taylor of gigaom.

“We’ve had a prototype of this for a while, but earlier on we felt like we weren’t getting enough results. We couldn’t really do it at the beginning because we needed a bigger index. In the earlier days, if you had typed in a specific term, you may have gotten just five results. Now, we have millions of pages of content, and it will just get better over time.”

Explore Box featuer is presently under beta stage and mobile application of StumbleUpon presently not got this feature.In coming day’s StumbleUpon Explore box feature will be added to their Mobile Application too.




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