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  • Copy Limitations – Please do NOT copy  the whole part of post or page in our blog .if you are coping the content make sure it should be in  A short paragraph with content in quotes.
  • Attribution –If you are republishing my content You must credit the original article and clearly indicate and  highlight the fact that the content was derived from TechTubby.
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What will happen if you copied my content with out agreeing the Terms of fair use.

We will detect the content source using popular blog Plagiarism sources Including Copy Scape,Technorati etc.

We will take content theft as a  serious matter,it will lead your IP getting Banned more over we will inform your web hosting provider and advertising providers like Google Adsense to suspend you account permanently with legal procedure.If a content theft is catched your website /blog  will be banned from all search engines.

This copyright Policy is subject to change at any time and the changes made will be effective immediately.