The 9 best Microsoft products worth checking out

We all love the branded products and what better it can be if we can get the products from Microsoft’s expertise, so let’s check out what are the top Microsoft products which are must haves on your computer if you are on Windows based computers.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is an excellent real-time protection system which safeguards the computer from malicious items like viruses, spywares and other suspicious items which may cause inconvenience to the files. All you need to get protected from the viruses and other spywares is just download the software and install the same on your computer.

Windows Live Writer

With the help of Windows Live Writer, you can not only write the articles but also can share the photos as well as the videos on almost any blog service be it on WordPress or in the Blogger or in the type pad and many more such services. All you need to do is to just simply download, install and use the same.

Process Explorer v12.04

With the help of process explorer which displays the screen into two sub windows shows the list of the current processes which are being worked upon along with the detailed path of the program. Also, you can see a list of information which basically handles and the DLLs processes which are opened and closed. The top window shows the list of current processes and the bottom window depending on the mode the process explorer shows the processes.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express

With the help of Microsoft’s Visual studio 2010 express you get features which are packed with lot of customization tools which helps for designing as well as the deployment of the coding solutions. With the help of this you can create rich applications for the share point and on the web. Also, additionally with the help of intelli-trace, you can easily phase out the “no repro” problem.



Microsoft’s Photosynth basically takes the photographs, mashes them together and then it recreates into a 3D scenic content out of them of which anyone can move around with. This one allows to explore details of the places, objects and other events unlike any other media. This one just adds life to the static photos and fills in with the life.


Windows Live SkyDrive

Just like any other web drive, the Windows Live drive too acts like the Windows Live spaces with which you can share the files in public, users will be getting an online storage of 25 GB in which you can share and access the photos online with the friends or to any one which can be shared with any of the users across anywhere.

Bing Maps

Just like Google Maps, Bing Maps too offers a map service which is powered by Microsoft and also you can also develop the map experience so that you can reach the people by hosting your map app on the Bing maps.


Windows live Gallery

With Windows Live gallery you can import the photos from your camera, organize them into the albums and can then edit them so that they can look at their best. Also, most importantly you can create stunning photos with effects and can then publish the photos and videos on the facebook or on the Flickr directly from your photo gallery.


Window SteadyState 2.5

Be it a school or a computer lab or in a cyber café or may be even in your home, if you want the computer to run as per your way no matter who’s the real owner then with the help of the window’s steady state 2.5, you can effectively defend shared computers from changes by untrusted users and unwanted software installations and what’s more is you can also safeguard the system resources.

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