The Pathway To Ace Google Docs

Google Docs already got lot of user attention and within short time it grown to become the number one commercial office suite application.Google started their office suite back in march 2006 and in September 2006 it got fully integrated to all the Google accounts worldwide.

Google docs is totally free to use and it lets you create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and drawings.Google Docs is fully cloud based and users can sync their content easily .Recently Google integrated Google docs with Google drive and now it looks like a well organised office suite.Prepare to ace google docs with this sheeter.


Run a sequential spell-check

Press Ctrl+; it will take you through all the spelling mistakes that you might have done in a document . To go back to the previous error, press Ctrl+[

Insert links into the document

Like most of Google services, you can add hyperlinks in a Google doc as well. All you have to do is to open the bookmarks via Chrome or Firefox, and drag them onto the page. Change the displayed text by hovering the mouse over the links.

Open more than one document in single tab

By default, Google Docs opens only one document in a new tab, but you can change a few settings to open various docs in a single tab. For this, on the right top corner you will see a ‘cog’ shaped button, select settings, Pick ‘Where items open’, pick ‘In the current window’ and click Save.


Use keyboard shortcuts

Google Docs supports more than 100 of keyboard shortcuts, you can check the list of it, here.Some of the most handy keyboard shortcuts are:

Ctrl + Shift + C : view the word count

Ctrl + Shift + Y: look up the definition of a word

Ctrl + Shift + 8: create a bullet-pointed list.

Shift + Esc: start a chat with your collaborators

Alt + Shift + F: move from the document to the menu bar.

Speed up your uploads

Drag the files from your computer to the Docs page. To upload folders, go to the Upload, Folder.

Check who has edited a document

If you’re wondering who made a specific change to a shared document, go to File, ‘see revision history’. A sidebar will open on the right, showing all recent changes and who made them. Each person who has edited the document is assigned a different colour.

Add youtube videos to your presentation.

Enhance the quality of your presentation by adding relevant videos to it. Double-Click the video to add it to the open page.

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