Top 10 Sites To Kill Your Boredom

Waiting for girlfriend, stuck in traffic or just lying around on a lazy Sunday all alone, these are all symptoms of boredom. Internet is a great way to get out of all miseries and tension of office. Sit back with a cup of coffee and enter into a bizarre world of internet, where all are welcome. You can use it to read newspaper, play an online game or simply connect with friends through social networking sites. But then there are days when you just don’t want to connect to the world. You want to see a different world.

Sites To Kill Your Boredom

No worries, internet still can help you. There are numerous websites which will entertain you to an altogether different level. Here is a compiled list of various such websites. You can store them under the favorite tab and browse through when sitting idle in a bus or a coffee shop or may be in office.


Bean Crusher

Have you always hated eating beans and picked them out from the dinner plate once mom is not looking? Or you just had a huge argument with the boss and want to shoot someone? This is the perfect website to visit. The irritating beans shouting haphazardly makes you want to kill them and blurt out the anger. You can be lost in it for hours before you realize how much time has gone by.

Ball Droppings

This is a unique website to create weird music by stopping the balls from falling by drawing lines here and there. Every time you draw a line a new instrument is created.  It is one of loveliest flash games which may become addicted to you.

Totally Top 10

This website has top 10 list of anything and everything. Be it top 10 jokes, exercises to loose weights, best video games or beautiful sexy lips. Once you start reading them there is no end to it. It would soon become the first site you open in morning and glued to even in breaks.

Draw Stick Man

It is a flash interactive website with animation series where you can change the story by drawing lines wherever you want. It is such a fun to visit, I myself was stuck on it for hours. You never want to end it.


This is like a dictionary of interesting pages on websites. You just need to flip page and lo, a new page pops in. You can even submit your blog pages on it.


Looking for a social networking site for your pet. This is the best stop. You can create profile for your dog and befriend other canines and find company for them to a walk.

The Infinite OZ

Ever get the thought that why is your life in such a mess? Don’t worry, check this website and use buttons to know story on each scene. Life will seem much easier after visiting it. It is incredible journey with superb effects and sound.

Stress Relief games

After a bad day at work, hop on this site to let out all the anger, punches and smash the characters on screen. I am sure you will not have to fight out with spouse at night to now release out the anger.


This bunch of guys will help out in forming your own music band. Just drag and drop and listen to music.

Last but not the least as the name suggest this website it totally to kill your boredom. It is a collection of riddles, games, jokes or any other entertainment.

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