Top 10 Useful Java Micro Frameworks For Mobile And Web

Apps have become an indispensible part of our lives. This is why we get to see so many java frameworks for mobile and web. Even though the basic JavaScript library associated with every framework is more or less the same, there is something special about every micro framework for java web apps. Here are some of the best java micro frameworks for web and mobile :

Java Micro Frameworks


Consisting of a wide variety of JS as well as css files, jPint could be used by the developers can make a number of creative apps. However, the company who developed the framework has stopped working on it anymore.


TapLynx is an excellent SDK which could be readily used to create basic native apps with the help of RSS feeds. It displays photos, videos, text as well as ads. However, this could be used for the Intel Mac only. Also, in order to use this framework one must have Xcode installed in the computer system.


The Cappuccino framework makes the use of the object oriented programming language Objective J which is one of the latest forms of programming languages. With this framework the developers can create a wide number of web apps which would work on browsers as well as Webkit.


Working with modelbaker requires minimum coding and programming skills as using this is very easy and apps could be made on this platform must faster in comparison to other java frameworks. It supports MySQL and PHP. The apps developed on modelbaker could be run on computers as well as webkit based mobile devices.


The liquidgear framework is mainly used for developing the iPhone apps. In this framework basically HTML and JS is used. This is why making apps on this is very easy. With liquidgear the developer could also easily incorporate the different iPhone API functionality like that of the accellorometer, compass etc. into the app.


PhoneGap is probably one of the most popular cross platform app development toolkits. The best thing about PhoneGap is that you can make apps for iPhones, android phones by making the use of simple languages like JS and HTML.


Quickconnect lets you develop iPhone apps without having you to know about the detailed native features of the device. Also, no need of objective C languages knowledge is there.


Written in Ruby, the sproutcore framework works on the HTML 5 version principles. There are multiple views in the framework which are very useful for developing apps for different platforms like Android, iPhone etc.


Another popular micro java framework among the developers is Rhodes. This is used for developing the native apps for a number of OS. Using the advance features of the devices like camera and GPS is very easy with Rhodes and writing codes in the framework is also convenient.


XUI is a very simple framework for developing apps with the help of JS. Thus, for the beginners who are not much comfortable with Objective C this framework is very ideal. The apps developed in XUI work on multiple browsers like Opera, Fennec. It is estimated that in future the framework would be provided support for the IE mobile as well as Blackberry.

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