Top 6 Great Android Apps For Podcasting

A podcast, like a webcast, is a show that is broadcast over the net in small parts, but it is based on sounds rather than visuals. Many podcasts are in the pattern of news programs, they are used to deliver news or updates at a regular interval. But podcasts also include comedy shows, like radio sitcoms, special music broadcasts, or even shows of a religious nature. The name podcast comes from the fact that these are most popularly enjoyed on Apple iPods and later Apple iPhones as well. But in fact you can access podcasts from a variety of devices, including your laptop and computer.

Podcasts can also be enjoyed on platforms other than iOS. In fact, if you own an Android device, that is absolutely no reason to be deprived of the pleasures of listening to a well made podcast. There are several Android apps for catching podcasts, and to make your job of deciding which one to use easier, we have made this list of the five best Android apps for podcasts.

1. Google Listen

Google’s free podcast app is the most reliable and fuss-free tool for listening to podcast that you can download on your phone. Google Listen makes administration of your podcast easy because it is integrated with your Google Reader. All you need to do is add the RSS of the show of your choice to the ‘Listen Subscription’ option of your Google Reader. Whenever a new episode of your chosen podcast is released, you will get an intimation and Google Listen will let you download or stream the episode.

Google Listen

2. Beyond Pod

Like its name suggests, Beyond Pod is not just restricted to audio transmission features. It gives you access to video features as well, and you can even use it to browse through the latest written updates in your favourite websites, making it like a compact Google reader in itself. But what makes it really worth the $7 it is priced at is the SmartPlay feature that studies your listening habits and automatically customizes your play list to guess what you would like to hear.

3. Pocket Cast

For just $3, the Pocket Cast Android app gives you full control over your audio and video feeds. You can check out your google Reader feeds directly from it, browse through various recommended shows of a variety of podcast networks, and choose your favourite category from scores of choices. And if you really like a show and can’t resist sharing it with your friends on your social network, Pocket Cast has some really cool share features that will leave you impressed.

Pocket Cast

4. PodKicker

Rediscover the joy and excitement of finding a new and obscure show that you have never heard of but love immediately. PodKicker has an amazing search engine that can help you locate new podcasts and videos according to your interest. The map feature also lets you check out what podcast is freshly being recorded in which part of the world. Podkicker is a free app,, but if you want the pro version you can buy it for just $3.

5. Stitcher Radio

Imagine not having to sort through innumerable podcasts to find a good one. Stitcher Radio brings you a selection of the best podcasts worldwide, updated very frequently, right on a silver platter. You can make your choice about which casts you want to listen to and simply add them to your stream. You will get a notification whenever there is an update. Even if you have out of the ordinary tastes, give this app a try. It is free, after all, and you have nothing to lose.

Stitcher Radio


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